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Der ZÖMAR 首支形象影片《THE ESCAPE BEGINS》由曾執導吳⻘峰、大象體操、 The Fur.、滅火器、美秀集團等多組樂團影像作品的「燕子島工作室 LOTS Studio」擔綱導演,並與「南迴映画SouthLink Film」團隊聯手製作,音樂部分則由曾入圍金曲獎最佳樂團 The Fur. 現任吉他手吳中凌(Zero)操刀配樂。


導演以近超現實的戲劇手法,展現使用者敷上面膜,與布體共存的「ME TIME」,卸下一切偽裝(妝)與肌膚進行最親密的接觸,這段過程是專屬個人的美好時光,進而放鬆自我,舞動內在最真實的靈魂。


It is time to escape from the madding crowd and relax in your own special moment. Then, experience the sensation of beauty with confidence, peeling off the magical piece, feel every inch of your skin come alive by the second.

This campaign film,《 THE ESCAPE BEGINS 》, was directed by LOTS Studio and produced by SouthLink Film. LOTS Studio has collaborated with many Taiwanese artist’s, directing music videos such as ,Qing-Feng Wu, Elephant Gym, The FUR., Fire EX, and Bisiugroup. The music was composed by guitarist “Zero” from the famous band, The Fur, a “Golden Melody Award” nominee.

By using surrealistic and dramatic methods, LOTS Studio visualizes the intimate contact between face and mask. Telling you to put down your camouflage and become your true self.



Der ZÖMAR 兩位主理人於歐洲旅居生活時得到靈感,涼爽舒服的盛夏,人們總是盡情展演最真實的自我,不因潮濕天氣影響,給予肌膚最極致的呵護,進而促成彼此成為世上美麗與自信推手。 品牌首度發表「Escape Collection」系列, 以放逐自我為主要精神,探索世界各大洲之原生物種,打造旅程中的輕保養系列,回歸自信純潔的肌膚本質。


The Co-founders of Der ZÖMAR were inspired by the summer in Germany and Scandinavia. The pleasant summer gives your skin a rejuvenating feeling and people are comfortable in their skin even under the sun. thus, Der ZÖMAR is committed as a brand of promote confidence through providing comfort skincare products. The “Escape Collection” is a brand new skincare product line. Embarking on a mission to every continent, harnessing the power of original and untouched plants, to take care of your skin. It is time to escape with us from the madding crowd and be your true self.