Der ZÖMAR 是保養品亦是時尚單品
Der ZÖMAR 品牌精神

我 的 風 格 就 是 愛 面 子

Your style is the mask you believe in
Der ZÖMAR 品牌故事



Co-founders of Der ZÖMAR were inspired by the summer in Germany and Scandinavia. 
The pleasant summer gives your skin a rejuvenating feeling, and people are comfortable in their skin even under the sun. 
Thus, Der ZÖMAR is committed as a brand to promote confidence by providing comfortable skincare products.


The "Escape Collection" is a brand new skincare product line. 
Embarking on a mission to every continent, harnessing the power of original and untouched plants to take care of your skin. 
The first journey is searching for the creature in Mexico's desert, the cactus. 
Because of its powerful capability of water retention, which provides human skin a deeper moisturizing. 
In the future, Der ZÖMAR will continuously amplify the spirit, "Your style is the mask you believe in", by developing more product lines with unique user experiences.
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